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How to Defrost your Windshield

It's that time of year again when the temperatures start to dip and your windshield frosts over. If you're like me, you've probably given yourself just enough time to drive away - and now your windshield is frosted up. Here are a few tips if you are wondering how to defrost your windshield quickly and efficiently.

Defog & Defrost Quickly

Start your engine, crank up your heater and turn on the defrost setting.

Turn on your air conditioner. No Joke! Hot air holds moisture - so use your air conditioning to help pull the moisture out of the air in your vehicle.

Turn off the Recirculation Setting. This will bring fresh air into the interior of your vehicle. Use that crisp, cool Winter temperatures to absorb moisture more quickly.

Open your windows a crack. Opening your window will help exchange to dry outside air with the humid air trapped in your vehicle. This helps speed up the defrosting process a little more.

defrosting windshield

Remote Start has given Manitobans the ability to pre-start our vehicles and defrost before we drive away. But on mornings that you forget, these helpful tips should get you on the road quickly. Keep an ice scraper in your vehicle and always clear your windshield before driving on the roadway.

Stay Safe and Give Yourself Time

The weather is changing and with it, our daily routines. For many of us, that means getting used to colder temperatures again. One thing we often forget about in the cold weather is our cars. Make sure you take some time to defrost your windshield before hitting the road this winter. And if you find yourself without a scraper or de-icer, don't worry! You can defrost a car window without them. Keep these tips in mind as the temperature starts to drop and your car's windshield becomes frosty.


How to Defrost your Windshield - Dunn Ram Trucks

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